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2014 Maserati Ghibli to debut in Shanghai

connoisseur April 12, 2013 0
2014 Maserati Ghibli to debut in Shanghai

Maserati has revealed the first official images of its 2014 Maserati Ghibli, ahead of its debut at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month. The four-door sports executive sedan is expected to break new ground for the Italian luxury car manufacturer.

The Ghibli will be available with an eight-speed automatic transmission, with a choice of two turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engines, one of which will be the first-ever diesel engine brought out by the luxury marque.

As compared to the larger Quattroporte sedan, which was launched at the beginning of the year, the Ghibli will have a sportier character but will have the same rear-wheel drive like the Quattroporte. Customers can opt for either the rear-wheel drive or the ‘Q4’ four-wheel drive.

The Ghibli is aimed at competing with other sports sedans of the segment like the Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes Benz E-Class. It is Maserati’s first sedan in this segment and reflects the company’s belief that a growing number of premium executive car buyers are looking to make an individual statement through a car that is distinctive, elegant and luxurious.

Maserati expects to sell 50,000 cars per year overall and the Ghibli, expected to be priced at USD 91,000, might just be the answer to achieve that impressive figure for the brand. This will be the third Maserati to carry the name ‘Ghibli’ through the years.

Maserati was founded in 1914 and, like most Italian car manufacturers, started off as a family owned business. The Maserati brothers –Alfieri, Bindo, Carlo, Eltore, Ernesto and Mario teamed up to form the company. They were based in the town of Bologna, Italy. Now the company is headquartered in Modena and has a trident for its emblem. Since 1993 the company has been owned by Italian car giant Fiat.

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