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Creators of the perfect coffee cup, DEVIEHL launch Arusha collection

connoisseur October 15, 2014 0
Creators of the perfect coffee cup, DEVIEHL launch Arusha collection

The Arusha collection is a collection of hand-painted masterpieces from the creators of the Perfect Coffee Cup DEVIEHL. Each Arusha cup is individually painted by internationally renowned London jewellery designer Gail Klevan and features distinctive intricate patterns combining hand engravings, paints and gold and silver leaf. Designs are applied to optical-quality acrylic, creating a shimmering changing iridescence.

The Arusha collection has 3 distinct designs with a particular colour palette for each. Each cup is individually drawn and decorated and is a unique and collectable masterpiece. The models decorated by Gail   Klevan are the first  of several, ‘one of a kind’ collections, to be created by leading artists.

Each DEVIEHL is a technological masterpiece composed   of   25 separate components. Coffee is kept at its optimal drinking temperature for   longer by incorportating advanced insulation technology. The inner form is a result of complex fluid dynamics research and is optimised to   ensure maximum “Crema” formation.

Drinking from a DEVIEHL is a tactile sensation that enhances the coffee drinking experience with the cups being crafted from a fusion of   unconventional materials, including exotic woods such as Cocobolo and Zebrano, hydrophobic leathers and carbon fiber.

DEVIEHL cups are available at Harrods in London, and leading luxury retailers globally.

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