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Aaron Shum unfurls Gemtique’s exciting new collection “Made with Swarovski Gemstones”

gulfconnoisseur April 30, 2012 0

Blending 925 sterling silver and 18k gold each jewel sparkles with precision cut multicolour gemstones and diamonds

Dubai, UAE (April 16, 2012) – Aaron Shum Jewellery, leading jewellery manufacturer known for its authentic and exquisite designs with a core value of fashionable, affordable luxury presents the marvelous new GEMTIQUE collection “Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES.” Blending 925 sterling silver with 18k gold, each piece is adorned with the magical brilliance of Swarovski’s genuine gemstones lending it a special touch of light-hearted luxury and unfurling pendant chains, earrings and rings.

The new GEMTIQUE collection features highly creative and fashionable designs to effortlessly assert their wearer’s unique style. GEMTIQUE has already carved a special niche in which affordable and fashionable luxury jewels are seen as desirable adornments. Inspired by its original concepts of beauty of nature the jewels are grouped under five sublime lines: Solis, Terra, Fauna, Flora and Oceanus featuring a variety of brilliant precision-cut, vivid-coloured Swarovski genuine gemstones, such as Passion Topaz in various colours, Amethysts, Peridots, Citrines and Garnets. The gemstones are gracefully combined offering endless possibilities and are woven with sparkling diamonds to create unique pieces.

Aaron Shum, President of Aaron Shum Group said, “In the wake of exorbitant gold prices, GEMTIQUE presents fashionable and affordable luxury with its new “Made with SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES” collection. Its utterly feminine jewels have an ever fresh, luminescent charm that sets them apart and I am positive they will set a fashion trend among the style conscious women of the region.”