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AquaFIT peddles its way to success!

connoisseur December 1, 2016 0
AquaFIT peddles its way to success!

Hailed as the new workout phenomenon, the UAE has just launched its first dedicated spa biking fitness centre, with the arrival of AquaFIT.
The health benefits of water have been well documented, dating back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, but more recent advancements in the understanding of the bodies’ weightlessness and resistance in water, together with the force of hydro-jets, has given rise to a whole host of benefits that has seen the spa bike concept become the fastest growing fitness regimen across Western Europe.
The spa bike session with AquaFIT involves cycling movement in water with 16 hydro-massage jets. By combining the power of hydro-massage and the benefits of aqua biking, each session can be one of the most effective and natural ways to reduce cellulite, burn body fat, aid micro peeling, reshape the lower body and abdominals, improve circulation, rehabilitate healing muscles and joints, as well as improve cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility.
Specifically, the water acts as a form of built-in resistance, increasing the intensity of the workout and challenging muscles to work harder than on a regular bike. In fact, each work out can burn an average of 500 calories per 30 minute session. Also, because water lessens the effects of gravity, you’re able to work out with a lower impact on the knees and joints. AquaFIT is the only individual spa bike which fills 720 liters of water allowing the user to be more submerged in the water, maximizing resistance and giving a fuller range of motion, which can be especially helpful for those undergoing rehabilitation. What’s more, the powerful hydro-jets massage the lower body, boosting blood circulation and firming the skin via micro peeling.
Because it’s low-impact and easily tailored to your fitness level, anyone can benefit from water exercise, regardless of age or agility.
AquaFIT’s state of the art spa bikes have a top-of-the-line water cleaning system insuring maximum hygiene standards beyond required regulations. They are also have a quick water filling and drainage action to allow a pleasant and quick session, thus no time wasted between sessions.

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