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Atelier Perfumery opens in Galleria Mall, Dubai

connoisseur May 24, 2015 0
Atelier Perfumery opens in Galleria Mall, Dubai

Atelier Perfumery , a niche perfume boutique that supports unique and high quality perfume artists organized their official opening in Galleria Mall. On behalf of Mr. Adnan Abdulrahim and Mr. Abdulla Karji, the city of Dubai and her greatest perfume lovers were invited to the official opening event of Atelier Perfumery, which took place on the 18th of May, from 7:00p-10:00pm at their luxurious new studio in the Galleria Mall, Jumeirah.

The official grand opening of Atelier Perfumery was truly a day of pure olfactory indulgence for perfume enthusiasts’ life who shared a passion for bold, unique and truly special fragrances that exude their own personal style.

Art, creativity and attention to detail are at the heart of niche perfumery, and at Atelier Perfumery, fragrances are treated as pieces of art, crafted carefully by exacting perfumers. Some of their brands include Atelier Cologne, House of Sillage and So Oud. Their studio can be found in Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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