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Balm of Beauty

connoisseur June 2, 2013 0
Balm of Beauty


From Juka Cosmetic AG of Germany come the Juka d’Or luxury range of anti-aging care products, which use naturally occurring ingredients and are meant for sensitive skins that are prone to allergic reactions


omen’s quest for beauty probably goes back to the time of creation – it’s an inherent feminine desire to remain young and retain one’s youthful looks. The desire to achieve a clear, bright complexion and keep the skin looking tender and gleaming is what drives a whole massive beauty-treatment industry with as many solutions and quick-fixes as the imagination allows. No wonder, we get confused looking at their claims and attributes – many of them too good to be true!

Experts from Juka Cosmetic AG of Germany explains that one should actually look for beauty-care products that are free of additives, perfumes, colorants and preservatives, all of which could cause irritations and allergies. It appears even silicones and mineral oils are best avoided.Juka was founded by pharmacists Jutta and Karl Ploeger in the nineties in Germany, when, during their daily consultations, they realised that increasingly age-related skin problems and allergies were not responding to conventional skin-care treatments. They developed the Juka d’Or range to provide luxury anti-aging care suitable for all types of sensitive and susceptible skins.

The nanosome-encapsulated active ingredients of the luxury day-and-night care complex for optimal face-lift, Juka d’Or Lifting Balm, make their way quickly into the deeper layers of the skin and support its ability to regenerate from within. Wrinkles are visibly minimised instantly.First, Hyaluronic Acid intensively moisturises the skin and plumps up wrinkles. Then, Argireline and Paracress release micro-tensions in the skin and act as ‘Bio-Botox,’ stretching out wrinkles and tightening the facial outlines.Vitamin E from grape-seed oil, ceramide and active ingredients like hydrated lecithin and phytosterols from shea butter and olive oil strengthen the barrier function of the skin, protecting it effectively against free radicals, minimising the effects of environmental stress and premature aging.

Within four weeks, wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 39 percent. In fact, after just a few applications, the complexion appears fresher, firmer and fine-pored and the skin starts regaining elasticity.Most importantly, Juka products are all produced in Germany to ensure consistency in quality, and are free of perfumes, colorants and preservatives and do not use silicones and mineral oils.

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