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Bell 525 sets a new standard for helicopter VIP transport

connoisseur February 22, 2017 0
Bell 525 sets a new standard for helicopter VIP transport

The Bell 525 sets a new standard for helicopter VIP transport, designed to provide unprecedented performance, heard-turning exterior lines and an interior built to the specifications of the client. Easily confused with a Gulfstream interior, the Magnificient interior is equipped with multiple options and configurations for ultimate comfort, making the sky the limit when it comes to design and cost. Customers can choose from a variety of finishings and seating configurations, with additional options including:

  • An in-flight entertainment system run from a paired smart device or smartwatch complete with internal wi-fi, moving maps, ambient light color controls, and audio/visual entertainment;
  • Individually programmable headsets for each guest to enjoy different entertainment features. Everyone is able to enjoy separate entertainment and business can be conducted privately, all while in flight;
  • Electro-chromic window controls fade from clear to full tint and are controlled by a paired smart device or smartwatch to provide a tailor-made environment;
  • An interior panel with a limousine-style privacy window, providing a cabin so quiet you can have conversations without wearing headsets or enjoy a quiet, relaxing ride so you arrive refreshed;
  • Beautifully hand stitched leather made with fine Italian craftsmanship is used throughout the entirety of the VIP interior, elevating the helicopter experience to a new level of comfort.


The Rolls-Royce of the skies, Bell’s 525 MAG interior reaches beyond the previously established boundaries of helicopters through innovation and ultimate luxury. In addition to the superior performance capabilities of the Bell Helicopter innovations, the luxury customizable interior is yet another distinguishing factor that sets Bell designs apart from other VIP aircraft.

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