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BMW Group Middle East boosts the fight against counterfeit automotive parts

connoisseur August 9, 2013 0
BMW Group Middle East boosts the fight against counterfeit automotive parts

Counterfeit automotive spare parts are flooding into the UAE and other Middle East markets and the BMW Group Middle East has been warning customers against the use of the same. The automotive parts industry in the Gulf region was reportedly worth USD 8.85 billion in 2012 out of which 30 percent was counterfeit. In the UAE, counterfeit products account for 12.5 percent of the country’s USD 3.8 billion automobile spare parts market.

The Saudi Arabian Customs Department has claimed that fake vehicle parts account for around half of all road accidents in the Kingdom while in the Sultanate of Oman, 45 per cent of recent road fatalities can be attributed to vehicles running on unsafe or counterfeit spares parts. These disturbing findings have prompted BMW Group Middle East to launch a regional campaign to raise awareness of the existence and negative impact of using counterfeit spare parts.

Customers sometimes migrate to independent workshops or other service providers due to the perceived high expense of the original part. These supposedly cheaper parts are often unsafe for long-term use and pose a greater danger to health and safety. They have also warned that counterfeit parts can affect the vehicle’s original condition, decrease its value and even affect the vehicle’s original condition, decrease its value.

BMW original parts have a high reliability because of the high quality materials used in their build. The additional value is that many of the parts are maintenance free. BMW Group Middle East is tackling the issue via a public awareness campaign to highlight the differences between fake and genuine spare parts. The campaign will focus on three areas- safety, value retention and sustainability. It will also include a print campaign, online communication and displays in showrooms to showcase examples of original and fake spare parts for consumers to see the differences first hand.

Rudolf Spann, After Sales Director, BMW Group Middle East  says “Consumer awareness is key and must be a sustained and united effort. We all have a role to play – the government, automotive companies and consumer protection bodies. The more people who understand the dangers behind using fake products and see the benefits of purchasing original parts, the less likely they are to suffer severe or even fatal road traffic injuries and lose value on their car. As part of our commitment to the improvement of road safety and exceptional service standards and products, we are launching this campaign to encourage everyone to purchase original parts, every time.”

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