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BMW Group Middle East shows excellent sales in the first half of 2013

connoisseur July 9, 2013 0
BMW Group Middle East shows excellent sales in the first half of 2013

With its announcement of a 22 percent increase in sales for the first half of 2013, BMW Group Middle East shifted into high gear as compared to the same period in 2012. They delivered a record breaking 12,657 vehicles to customers across 13 Middle East markets, which only goes to exhibit that both BMW and MINI brands are growing from strength to strength.

The UAE accounted for 49 perrcent of BMW and MINI regional sales in the first half of the year and remained the highest volume selling market in the Middle East followed closely by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Markets which showed strong individual sales increase zincluded Kuwait with a growth rate of 47 percent, Bahrain which grew 44 percent, Qatar 27 percent, Dubai 23 percent and Jordan 20 percent.

The excellent first half year numbers of the BMW group demonstrates the continued growth of the region’s premium automotive industry and also the highlights the appetite Middle East customers have for luxury vehicles.

Dr. Joerg Breuer, Managing Director, BMW Group Middle East says “BMW Group Middle East is on track for yet another successful record year after confirming record breaking sales figures during the first six months of the year. Together with our importer partners we have continued to invest in several areas of our business to elevate the customer’s brand experience even further.”

The BMW 5 Series took the pride of place as the company’s best-selling model. Globally, over the last two years, annual sales for the BMW 5 Series increased by a phenomenal 50 percent. Coming a close second is the BMW X5 Sports Activity Vehicle, which since its inception in 1999 has achieved phenomenal success. In the luxury sedan segment the BMW Group’s flagship 7 Series model continued to lead ranking amongst the Group’s best selling cars with 2,200 vehicles delivered in the first half of 2013, marking a 22 percent increase in sales.

Commenting on BMW Group’s flagship 7 Series model, Dr. Breuer says “The BMW 7 Series continues to be a market leader in the luxury sedan segment across the region. With a combination of luxury, elegance and innovation, the model epitomises everything the luxury sedan segment stands for. The success of the launch of the latest generation BMW 7 Series late last year has continued through into the first six months of this year and we are confident that it will continue to contribute to the future of our Group’s accelerating sales.”

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