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Bulgari introduces ‘Bulgari Man in Black’

connoisseur November 19, 2015 0
Bulgari introduces ‘Bulgari Man in Black’

The third incarnation in the ‘Bulgari Man’ trilogy ,’Bulgari Man in Black’ was introduced by Bulgari, following the  ‘Bulgari Man’ and ‘Bulgari Man Extreme’. Bulgari Man in Black captures the virile essence of a modern man with spicy top notes that morph smoothly into sensual amber warmth before yielding finally to woody, smoky tones.

Once again, Bulgari reinterprets the grand themes of perfumery with daring raw ingredients. In the world of Bulgari masculine fragrances, Bulgari Man in Black is unprecedented in its power, audacious richness and assertive charisma. Bulgari Man in Black possesses a forceful neo-Oriental olfactory signature, and is housed in a gleaming ebony flacon.

Alberto Morillas, master perfumer, creator of Bulgari Man In Black says “Bulgari Man in Black is a modern neo-Oriental fragrance which is new to the Bulgari universe. It is rare that we were able to use the tuberose flower in a masculine fragrance. The flower is a magnetic ingredient traditionally used in women’s perfumes…. But I disguised it by playing on the contrasts between leather, amber, precious resins, and Tonka bean. From this unprecedented structure, we created a scent that is totally compelling, verging on hypnotic. I would go so far as to say it is criminally seductive!

Bulgari Man in Black is a creation with a strong personality. It possesses a touch of the neo-dandyism of the contemporary man, someone who is confident in his magnetism, and, like a connoisseur, dares to cultivate his passion for beautiful objects infused with history. He nurtures a sense of inner elitism; a quality he knows to be irresistible to others. This singular architecture of Bulgari Man in Black is dedicated to such a man.”

The ‘Bulgari Man’ trilogy is a compelling tale that Bulgari has chosen to present in a triptych of powerful moments, first with Bulgari Man, then Bulgari Man Extreme, and, now, the last of the series, Bulgari Man in Black.


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