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Bulgari Serpentini Collection

connoisseur August 31, 2015 0
Bulgari Serpentini Collection

In 1963, the actress Elizabeth Taylor wore Bulgari serpent jewellery on and off camera while she was leading the epic Cleopatra movie; Serpenti successively became one of the actress’s favourite Bulgari collections. Since its first Serpenti jewellery-watches in the 1940s, Serpenti has become the signature of Bulgari, recognised around the world. With homage to its rich Roman past, Bulgari reinterprets today the powerful snake symbol in an entire collection: High Jewellery, accessories, bags, and timepieces.

Coiled tightly around the history of humanity, the serpent is a powerful symbol dating to ancient Greek-Roman mythology. Representing wisdom and seduction, the snake has transcended 2700 years of Roman history to become a beautiful motif of eternal renewal.No leader of the ancient world is more closely associated with the snake than Cleopatra. The Queen of the Nile, entered Rome in 46 BC wearing her royal Cobra diadem.

The Serpenti jewels are messengers of Bulgari’s classical heritage. Since ancient Egypt, the snake has been a powerful symbol, guaranteeing protection and power to those who wear it. There are more than 2700 years of Roman history enclosed in this mythical creature, the inseparable accessory of the Roman fashion victims of the 1st century AD.

The Dolce Vita and the 60es, which breathe the wave of modern, playful and youthful hedonism which sweeps over the world – from music to fashion, from beauty to jewels – take over the passion for the immortal talisman with captivating magnetism, playing with the snake as stylistic signature, instantly recognizable.

After the first fashion wave, Bulgari focusses its jeweller’s palette and most advanced techniques on it, infusing the Serpenti jewels with the signature qualities of the brand : remarkable technical exploits, surprising combinations of materials, a passion for colour, and wearability. It is an icon which also appears on all Bulgari creations: watches, bags, scarves, sunglasses and leather bracelets.


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