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Cadillac’s new tablet-like customisation

connoisseur April 26, 2013 0
Cadillac’s new tablet-like customisation

Cadillac’s CUE in-vehicle user experience reveals customised conveniences and advanced features that enable user-created shortcuts to their favourite infotainment features – much like today’s smartphones and tablets.

CUE (Cadillac User Experience) allows settings to be tailored to specific tastes because of its customisable approach in working on a vehicle’s audio and navigational features. CUE users can manually input the entire destination address on one screen unlike other navigation systems, which require users to insert destination information like state, city, street and house number information separately. The new CUE approach saves the driver time and keeps drivers focused on the road. In some cases CUE can even take hints from partial information and automatically fill in city and state information.

CUE also ‘presets’ the frequently visited destinations and supports destination and phone number access without having to separately launch the vehicle’s navigation system or phone book. The presets can be easily retrieved from the bottom row – a common feature for all CUE screens – and allows for instant access, regardless of the application the user is in. To offset security concerns, engineers equipped CUE with a Valet Mode, which blocks access to all centre stack and instrument panel functions and the storage bin behind the centre stack.

CUE offers some of the most advanced audio features and connectivity options available in the industry. Up to 10 different media devices could be paired at one time via Bluetooth and to help manage all those playlists, CUE’s media library aggregates all the playlists to make finding specific songs easier. Users can also fully customise and save radio tone settings for a personalised music listening experience. Most vehicles come with predetermined sound settings for certain music genres such as rock, jazz and talk. CUE allows users to save their own settings by adjusting the bass, treble, balance and fade to desired levels, for instance, ‘Baby Mode’ turns down the bass so as to not wake a sleeping child.

CUE’s highlights include an eight-inch capacitive touch screen display and proximity sensing, which are industry-first features. The system is available on the 2013 Cadillac ATS Sports Sedan, SRX Luxury Crossover and XTS Luxury Sedan.

A leading luxury auto brand since 1902, Cadillac has, in recent years, engineered an historic renaissance, led by artful engineering and advanced technology. The Cadillac brand has maintained an iconic presence in the Middle East region for over 85 years.