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Carlo Palmiero launches his Haiku jewellery watch collection!

gulfconnoisseur November 28, 2012 Comments Off on Carlo Palmiero launches his Haiku jewellery watch collection!
Carlo Palmiero launches his Haiku jewellery watch collection!

Dubai, UAE (November 28, 2012): Italian jewellery designer Carlo Palmiero, known for his elaborate jewellery masterpieces, launched his stunning Haiku jewellery watch collection at a well-attended cocktail reception at Voda Bar Terrace in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray.

The launch in the UAE coincided with the global launch of the jewellery watch collection, which is Palmiero’s first venture in designing time pieces.

The much-anticipated Haiku jewellery watch collection, inspired by the poem born in Japan consists of three lines characterized by five, seven and again five syllables. It features designs dedicated to the Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Rich in suggestive power these Japanese poems can move the reader’s emotions.

Renowned jewellery designer Palmiero commented: “After many months of planning and work we have finally given life to the new and long-awaited jewellery watch collection that now completes the collection entitled to the Four Seasons. The Haiku collection features designs that cater to the ever-growing watch aficionados in the United Arab Emirates and I chose various colours of precious stones uniquely set in shapes and shades to suit my customers’ passion for high end luxury products.”

The different seasons are depicted using different colours of precious stones giving life to creations that instantly capture the beauty of timeless paintings and represent Carlo Palmiero’s immense designing vision and talent. Palmiero’s Haiku jewellery watch collection is presented in limited editions.

Discover Palmiero’s highly exclusive and magical Haiku jewellery watches collection, now exclusively available at leading luxury retailer Levant stores across Dubai.

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