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Chopard and Vanity Fair launch ‘Backstage at Cinecittà’

connoisseur September 7, 2014 0
Chopard and Vanity Fair launch ‘Backstage at Cinecittà’

Chopard and Vanity Fair launched “Backstage at Cinecittà”, an exhibition-event open to the public from September 1st to 6th in the picturesque Cipriani Hotel on the Island of Giudecca on August 31st in Venice. 29 memorable shots were selected from Cinecittà archives, taken in the ‘50s and ‘60s on the sets of Italian and international cult movies.

Chopard, partner of the Cannes Film Festival and producer of the Palme d’Or has made a substantial contribution to the restoration of the legendary Cinecittà Studios, starting from the façade which will be completed next October. The inauguration will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony on the occasion of the ninth edition of the Rome International Film Festival. The project, which was developed jointly by Cinecittà Studios and Istituto Luce Cinecittà involves the refurbishment of the façade on the original design made in 1937, when the city of films was inaugurated.

All the guests of the opening of the “Backstage at Cinecittà” exhibition, were welcomed and greeted by Chopard’s Co-President Caroline Scheufele and by Vanity Fair Italy’s editor in chief Luca Dini, who both gave a brief introduction of the exhibition, guiding them through the path leading to the Secret Garden whilst famous soundtracks from unforgettable films (The Barefoot Contessa, La Dolce Vita, The Leopard, War and Peace, Bellissima, Ben Hur, The Gold of Naples) creating an evocative atmosphere, for an exciting experience with a retro flavour.Guests enjoyed the magical and nostalgic atmosphere while sipping on the famous Cipriani cocktails Bellini, Mimosa and Rossini.

Guest of honour actress Uma Thurman sparkled in Chopard jewels and said “I am so excited to join my friends at Chopard in their beautiful endeavour to restore the historic and majestic studios in Rome. It is very personal to me, as I arrived there aged 17 having not yet believed that I would be committing my life to filmmaking. The film was ‘The adventures of baron Munchausen’ directed by my author visionary hero Terry Gilliam. As he walked me through the grounds and the endless buildings and sets telling me the story and history of the studio I realised I would love film and the magic it is to make movies for my entire life.” Among other guests who attended the stunning opening of this very special exhibition were Al Pacino, the Italian actresses Eliana Miglio and Maria Grazia Cucinotta and the legendary photographer of the stars Douglas Kirkland.