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Chopard Christmas Collection

connoisseur October 24, 2017 0
Chopard Christmas Collection

For more than 20 years, the Happy Sport collection has been evolving in step with the seasons, while maintaining its inimitable sporting chic charm enlivened by moving diamonds. An anthem to winter, with its twirling white crystals and glistening snow, the latest aptly named addition to the collection is a gem of refinement and creativity issued in a 25-piece limited edition.  

Artistic crafts dedicated to winter poetry

The new Happy Snowflakes timepiece unites the expertise of several artistic crafts, exercised on high-quality materials. The mother-of-pearl gracing the dial comes from shells carefully selected by Chopard for their unique colours. Subtle shades, iridescent effects and textures: each characteristic is carefully examined and selected so as to compose a naturally shiny and luminous decor admirably reflecting reality. Using the mother-of-pearl marquetry technique and handling the fragile mother-of-pearl with meticulous care, the dial-maker has succeeded in reproducing extremely dainty snowflakes – of which others appear on the watch glass and even on the sides of the case. These hand-crafted elements create a striking illusion, giving the impression that real snow crystals have settled for a moment on the watch before vanishing…

Enhanced with an entirely appropriate snow setting, the bezel sparkles with fiery radiance, like snow glittering in the sunlight. In accordance with his instinct and expertise, the gemsetter has individually hollowed out cavities designed to house the stones that are individually adjusted as the work proceeds.

The sparkle is also intensified by the diamonds whirling around the dial, also accompanied by a snowflake-shaped mobile diamond.

Happy Snowflakes vividly demonstrates the full scope of Chopard’s talents. Like a snowball brimming with joyful freshness, this new model radiantly disrupts the monotony of winter.

An elegant strap sets the perfect finishing touch to a winter look, ensuring that its wearer shines on every occasion

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