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Emeralds, the new collection by fine jewellery designer Bina Goenka

connoisseur March 21, 2013 0
Emeralds, the new collection by fine jewellery designer Bina Goenka

World renowned jewellery designer Bina Goenka creates fusion ranges of visually pleasing jewellery, each designed to tantalise one’s senses. The brand’s passion for design and their dedication to creating fine jewellery have set new benchmarks internationally.

Her new collection, ‘Emeralds,’ is inspired by Queen Cleopatra’s quest for excellence and her nerves of steel to venture into unknown territories. The emerald was revered by the ancient Egyptians as a gift from the god Thoth, symbolising spring and eternal youth. It was a favourite with Cleopatra and most of her jewellery featured this stone.

For Bina Goenka’s new collection four pieces of Zambian emeralds were selected after going through hundreds of gemstones from the mines. The design weaves around the emeralds almost like flames that flutter around the stone, drawn to its radiance but, yet, hesitant to come too close. The metal is hand-cut into each individual stone with the surface etched with fine lines to give a sense of movement. This technique of etching on gold is a Bina Goenka signature and a reflection of the higher level of craftsmanship. To complete the design, a perfect drop shape emerald is suspended by a wreath of gold and diamonds.

Bina’s philosophy uniquely entwines elements of art in the creative design process with scientific practices in the manufacture, ensuring that each item is produced with quality and precision and is personalised to the requirements of its wearer. Her unique and stylish designer jewellery are bold statement pieces, which perfectly embody Bina’s sense of creativity, passion and showmanship. Bina says of her jewellery: “I design for the confident woman who knows what she wants. She is never a victim of fashion; rather a trendsetter. Her jewellery never shouts but just quietly underlines her unique personality and complements her lifestyle.”

Bina Goenka designs jewellery for engagements and weddings and as timeless gifts and heirlooms. The brand has an impressive clientele of distinguished VIPs and celebrities, including the likes of film stars, popular figures from the music industry, diplomats and even royalty. Her pieces are made from pure yellow gold and white gold, infused with precious stones. Every ornate item is created to suit a particular personality and so is an extension and expression of her personal style and individuality, narrating its own intriguing story.

The Bina Goenka brand exudes style and prices ranges anywhere from 3,000 GBP to 125,000 GBP. Each hand-crafted piece makes a treasured keepsake that can be handed down through generations. As Bina says, “It’s not about the number of rubies or the amount it’s going to fetch that matters; it’s about creating an heirloom piece, which you can hand down generations; something that will be cherished in the years to come.”

The Bina Goenka brand is available internationally, including in Europe, Middle East and India, with the signature store located in the luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel in Santacruz, Mumbai.

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