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Falcon’s Flair

gulfconnoisseur April 25, 2012 0

Falcon 900 EX, a business jet that has evidently been ‘engineered with passion’ by Dassault Aviation, is not only the fastest, but also one of the best equipped in its class. Dassault’s experience with military aircraft has helped them develop and deploy complex flight control systems that make the Falcon 900 EX stand out
The Falcon 900 EX, coming from Dassault Aviation, cannot but be exceptional, given the pedigree. Aside from the fact that there are over 1700 Falcons in service in over 70 countries, we have to acknowledge that Dassault also has over 2500 combat aircraft flying in 35 countries. The company declares that each Dassault aircraft is ‘Engineered with Passion.’
Both from outside and from within the Falcon 900 EX amply demonstrates the technological prowess that have shaped the craft and its complex systems. We understand it is not only the fastest, but also one of the best equipped in its class. Powered by three fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731-60 turbofan engines, delivering 5000lb of thrust each, the aircraft cruises at over 39,000 feet well above most weather and traffic conditions.
The spacious eight-passenger cabin is all of 10m long, 2.5m wide and 2m high, allowing ample room for you and your colleagues to move about easily – with your head held high. Twelve panorama windows on either side flood the cabin with natural light, providing a pleasant on-board environment, while the comfortable leather seats and thick, plush carpeting create a relaxed feel.
The business / conference facilities are certainly impressive, with a conference table, copy machine and video wall at one’s disposal for meetings in the air.
For longer flights the craft even boasts a well-equipped kitchen. Indeed, the 900EX is designed for long flights, being capable of flying 4,550 nautical miles nonstop, the farthest in its class. With its classic tri-jet engine design, the 900EX can use small airports at high altitudes, even in hot weather. A versatile aircraft, it is also one of the safest given its ability to fly slower on approach than its twin-jet peers.
The state-of-the-art, intuitive EASy flight-deck technology, adopted from Dassault’s military heritage, allows pilots to monitor and control the progress of the flight.
The quality and capabilities of the Falcon 900 EX just go to show what can happen when passion fuels the soul of an organisation like Dassault Aviation.

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