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Ferrari’s F12berlinetta shown at Geneva Motor Show

connoisseur March 10, 2015 0
Ferrari’s F12berlinetta shown at Geneva Motor Show

The F12berlinetta which is the most powerful car in the Ferrari range, courtesy of its 740 cv V12 engine and transaxle architecture will be on the stand at the Geneva Motor Show. . It continues to enjoy such enormous success worldwide that in certain countries the waiting list is over a year long.

Two versions of the F12berlinetta are on show in Geneva: the first sports the now-traditional triple-layer Rosso Maranello livery with a leather interior and carbon-fibre trim while the second is a Tailor Made homage to the Ecurie Francorchamps team, specifically the 250 GTO that won the 1964 Tour de France. It is in the same Argento Auteil colour as the latter with a triple-layer yellow racing cross-stripe on its bonnet.

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