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How AI Shopping Assistants are reinforcing Retail Discovery

connoisseur July 17, 2018 Comments Off on How AI Shopping Assistants are reinforcing Retail Discovery
How AI Shopping Assistants are reinforcing Retail Discovery



By Jaidev Narayan

The retail world is undergoing a complete transformation with many international brands opting for chat interfaces. We take a closer look at the new wave of conversational commerce that helps retail companies engage with their audiences and build loyalty towards their businesses

Understanding your customers better

In the business of retailing, return clients are like the icing on a cake. We all know how important it is to promote business, but the key to success is retaining existing customers.

In order to make this happen, most retailers are incorporating new virtual shopping assistant marketing strategies and extra services that delight customers. And virtual shopping assistants form an important part of their strategy.

The more picky or finicky a customer, the more the retailer has to pay attention to the efficiency and effectiveness of a virtual shopping assistant. A savvy customer expects support, immediate notifications about the latest order updates, and much more for a smooth shopping experience. And this is where virtual shopping assistants enter to help the retail industry in day-to-day operations.

 What are Virtual Shopping Assistants?

 Virtual shopping assistants are nothing but highly intelligent software interactive chat interfaces, which can interact with the customer. It can also emulate a normal human being to a certain degree and perform complicated tasks, which would be normally beyond the confines of a normal human being.

Normally a client would use customer services to address issues like returning an item or finding out about stores in their vicinity. The most popular means to reach customer service till recent times was through email, live chat, and phone. Virtual shopping assistants have however changed this by providing this service in a mobile messenger app.

Take the example of international cosmetic retail stores, which use a messenger virtual shopping assistant to connect customers to its support team. Here customers are required to leave their contact information which then allows customer service representatives to get in touch with them and resolve their issues.

It does away with email marketing. Virtual shopping assistants help notify customers about the latest trends in fashion and collections. They help customers to linger on and browse for more pieces by showing the complete range of products, in different colors and even the kind of craftsmanship involved in the making of these products.

Not all virtual shopping assistants are the same, they are geared to suit the brand’s needs, and some can be chatty while others are more serious.

 Virtual Shopping Assistant Process Orders

Smart virtual shopping assistant for ecommerce are able to process orders right in a messenger app. A common procedure for ordering via virtual shopping assistant, involves entering personal details like name, telephone number, billing address, and payment options.

Chat integration allows customers to see recommended products

Normally what a brand retailer would do is allow customers to see, share and purchase products from their catalog. Here the virtual shopping assistant becomes more of a brand extension, which is tailored toward customizing the user’s shopping experience by asking simple questions before recommending some of the brand’s products.

In fact, you will amazed to note that some virtual shopping assistants are more specific, like providing tutorial and tips in different sections. This helps consumers make choices easily, as these personalized recommendations are tailored to their goals, needs and preferences.

These virtual shopping assistants also guide consumers through a series of question prompts, analyze existing information like social media or customer profiles, and weigh them against current offerings to deliver a curated selection of results.

Flexibility across all market segments

Whether it’s ordering your custom made Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon watch or getting that orthodox blue classic Nokia 3310 classic phone, shopping virtual assistants helps the retailers understand the customer’s needs better and ultimately helps them in turning their sales.


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