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Italian High-Quality Men Trousers  Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

connoisseur September 13, 2016 0
Italian High-Quality Men Trousers  Spring-Summer 2017 Collection

The Italian Family  brand was launched by Gabriele Santoriello who, after honing his skills with various Italian clothing companies, decided to start his own project, Italian Family, with the help and collaboration of his own family, that has gained a thirty-year experience in the field and specializes precisely in the tailoring of classic trousers and men’s suits.

Revisiting a classic menswear staple keeping the cut, the rich fabrics and refined details unchanged is the major aspiration of the designer, who blends Made in Italy sartorial tradition with a unique product.

The choice of the materials is a key factor that determines the quality and beauty of every Italian Family garment. For this reason, quality standards are extremely high, always ahead of the times and always on the hunt for innovative production techniques.

Before a pair of trousers is actually manufactured, textiles and accessories, all top quality, impeccable and highly resistant, deriving from the finest yarns, are carefully selected.