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Josephine Aigrette Imperial – Chaumet

connoisseur February 6, 2019 Comments Off on Josephine Aigrette Imperial – Chaumet
Josephine Aigrette Imperial – Chaumet


Perpetuating a tradition founded on ceremonial jewels and the art of majestic femininity, Chaumet revisits the splendor of Joséphine’s court finery in contemporary jewelry.

Airy parures, sparkling stones, tiaras enhancing the beauty of those wearing them… For over two centuries, Chaumet has been dedicating its High Jewellery creations to those

who cultivate the art of appearance at the height of their femininity. An expert in the art of selecting and associating her jewels, today Joséphine remains the inspiration for these creations.

Combining her sense of spectacle, the impact of her tiaras and her taste for exceptional stones, Joséphine, Joséphine – Chaumet au Firmament is the purest and most precious expression

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