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Journey to Success!

connoisseur December 19, 2016 0
Journey to Success!

Zeina Zebian, Dubai based artist and designer has taken her love for shoes to
another level by elevating her creativity and design experience into sculptural art
Zeina is a Lebanese who was born in Dubai and was brought up in the Emirates.
Growing up, she spent many summers in Vienna, which influenced her artistic
side by visiting many museums and old European Palaces. Traveling and
exploring is one of her passions.
After completing one year of Fashion Design, Zeina graduated with a BA in
Marketing and Advertising. In 1998, she was amongst the first graduating batch
from the American University in Dubai. She then started a successful career in
advertising with multinational companies and International agencies like Grey
and BBDO/OMD as Senior Media Planner.
Zeina’s life was influenced by her dad, a successful businessman, as well as by
her artistic mother. Design is in her blood as her great grandfather was a shoe
designer working from his own atelier in Beirut. His wife was a hat designer and
their daughter, Zeina’s grandmother, designed and handcrafted coats.
Zeina and her husband Tarek enjoy travelling and adventurous experiences, her
favourite being bungee jumping and skydiving. They moved to New Zealand
started a family there, becoming proud parents of Elisa and Aref.
Due to her mother’s illness, Zeina moved back to Dubai to be by her side. Over
the years, she supported her mother through numerous challenges,accompanying her during extensive treatments in Germany, Beirut, and Dubai.
The 14-year journey with her mum battling cancer influenced Zeina and
contributed to her growth, mental and spiritual awareness.

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