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Just Chill

connoisseur April 15, 2016 0
Just Chill

Designed to enhance modern living and deliver a more comfortable home, Samsung is the first manufacturer to bring its unique Twin Cooling Plus technology to the Top Mounted Freezer category.

Samsung enjoys ‘cold facts’ and it is no wonder that the electronics conglomerate has excelled in taming heat by mastering the science of cooling. And it is its ingenuity in the field of refrigeration that has led to technological excellence year after year. This year too, the company has proven that its knowledge is above par the rest with launch of the Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator

The R&D team at Samsung has reflected its acuity by allowing consumers keep food fresher longer, simply by storing them inside the new Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator.

“The new Twin Cooling Plus TMF refrigerators are a milestone for customisable premium home appliances. We listened carefully to our consumers when they said that they want to be able to keep their fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, and use the space in the fridge and freezer compartments more efficiently based on the specific needs of their family. The conversion options available thanks to the Twin Cooling Plus Technology introduces a whole new world of optimisation, and we are excited to hear from our consumers how they make the most of it,” said Vinod Nair, Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

The independent cooling system ensures that the right temperature and humidity level up to 70% is maintained throughout the fridge, so no matter where food is stored it stays fresh.

The Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator enables consumers to be flexible with cooling storage depending on their needs with five possible conversion modes. The true independent cooling system allows turning the freezer into a fridge when required.

The refrigerator has an independent cooling system, with separate airflows in both the fridge and freezer. This prevents strong smells from foods moving between the fridge and freezer, ensuring the original flavour of ingredients stored in the freezer is perfectly preserved and odorless.

No air movement between the compartments also means the freezer stays completely frost-free, prolonging the shelf life and the flavor of its contents. It also prevents the build-up of ice, removing the need to defrost the freezer.

The Twin Cooling Plus line up is introduced in up to 18 different models ranging from 850 litres to 390 litres.

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