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Land Rover MENA named the official car in Ali F. Mostafa’s New Film ‘A to B’

connoisseur May 22, 2013 0
Land Rover MENA named the official car in Ali F. Mostafa’s New Film ‘A to B’

Range Rover Evoque Brand Ambassador and ‘City of Life’ Director Ali F. Mostafa’s has announced his new project titled ‘A to B’, at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in France. Land Rover MENA has also confirmed that it will work with Ali F. Mostafa, following a highly successful collaboration on the mini-series ‘Classified’. The new movie has been described as a heart-wrenching and humorous road-movie, which will commence production in the UAE in October 2013.

The collaboration between Land Rover and the Emirati film maker is an extension of an existing regional ambassadorship programme with Mostafa which started as part of the brand’s global strategy to partner with celebrities from the world of fashion, design, music and film for the launch of Range Rover Evoque.

Robin Colgan, Managing Director for Jaguar Land Rover Middle East & North Africa says “Land Rover’s collaboration with Ali Mostafa has allowed us to harness his unique creativity, style and film making expertise to achieve one of our most successful launches in recent years. We are delighted to have been alongside Ali in Cannes for the announcement of Land Rover’s involvement in ‘A to B’ and I’ve no doubt that starring in his latest film will take Range Rover Evoque’s fame to even greater heights.”

The ‘A to B’ project will see some of the finest stars in the Arab film industry coming together- Saudi film producer Mohammed Al Turki, , Egyptian writer and producer Mohamed Hefzy and multi-award winning Lebanese producer Paul Baboudjian. It will be shot in six weeks, with shoots planned across Abu Dhabi, Oman, Jordan and Lebanon and will feature cameo appearances by leading stars from the Arab world. ‘A to B’ is certain to strike a chord with the Arab audiences and will also appeal to international viewers as it follows three young Arab expats who undertake a road trip from their home-city, Abu Dhabi, to Beirut in memory of their best friend. Their plan to cover 2,500 kilometres in a Range Rover Evoque over three days is full of obstacles, challenges and humour as they travel across the region.

Land Rover vehicles have been featured in many a Hollywood flicks earlier; its most recent outing being the latest James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’, but to be playing a major role in a UAE made film is a first for the luxury marque.

Emirati director Ali Mostafa says “’I am truly honoured to be working once again with such an iconic international brand as Land Rover, which continues to break new ground here in the region. The team at Land Rover have shown true commitment to our collaborative partnership with this product placement in ‘A to B’.”

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