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Liens Séduction – Chaumet

connoisseur November 9, 2017 0
Liens Séduction – Chaumet

The emblem of sentimental jewellery since 1970, the Liens de Chaumet are constantly re-invented in their expression  of  eternal attachment.  A ribbon of diamonds that unrolls and is tied with the lightest touch, Liens Séduction enriches the collection with a new chapter to reveal    a different facet of emotions. Set with diamonds, in rose or white gold, the sixteen Fine Jewellery pieces – slender and wide rings, bracelets, hoop earrings, ear studs and pendants – evoke a world of  carefree and joyful seduction. Let yourself be surprised by their whimsical, graceful femininity!

 Born of a golden thread, the Liens collection is Chaumet’s essential link between its past, present and future. It starts with the founding story of the love shared by Napoléon and Joséphine. It continues with the tale of the colours of attachment, spanning from passion to friendship, and from love’s first blush to filial affection. The Liens de Chaumet are a universal expression of love, a talisman that binds us to the world and to others. An essential that embodies   the powerful and yet intangible bond that fuels the sharing of emotions between people and guides their destinies.

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