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Max Mara’s new colloboration with a prominent Chinese artist

connoisseur December 19, 2016 0
Max Mara’s new colloboration with a prominent Chinese artist

The idea for a collaboration between one of the most prominent
Chinese artists, Liu Wei and Max Mara came from observing the
many points of intersection between their two worlds. Starting
with the shared field of the urban landscape, the perfect
environment for Max Mara’s characters, we proceeded to build a
show which reads like the script of a possible movie. Liu Wei’s
sculptures and paintings are the setting set for a fashion
narrative where sophisticated materials, fabrics and patterns are
transported to an imaginary future city loaded with tradition,
knowledge and legacies, but not shy of technological advance.
The idea is to ask Liu Wei to create with his works a vessel that
will carry the Max Mara heritage in a present still to be defined.
It is all about how women, accompanied by Max Mara, will
envision themselves crossing a terrain which feels like a planet
created by Liu Wei. On this ground rises Monopolis, a city
created out of time stretching both backwards and forwards,
unique and unified. Liu Wei’s sculptures will function as
Monopolis’ landmarks creating a parcours through which Max
Mara’s women will travel. Monopolis will create a dialogue
between the utterly innovative use of materials by Liu Wei and
the utterly fascinating and exceptionally crafted Max Mara
collection. Liu Wei’s materials are both part of some kind of
industrial archeology and the result of a truly human
craftsmanship. They see the now of human condition through the
remains of an imaginary “yesterday” projected into a visionary
The environment first will appear immaterial as though
immersed in morning fog like that surrounding the mountains
and the landscapes of traditional Chinese paintings to reveal
slowly the powerful physicality of the fantastic elements created
by Liu Wei which Max Mara’s heroines will inhabit like free
spirits of a new metropolitan reality.