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Mercedes-Benz celebrates latest SUV range with Discover 2014 event in Dubai

connoisseur March 15, 2014 0
Mercedes-Benz celebrates latest SUV range with Discover 2014 event in Dubai

At the ‘Discover 2014’ event in Dubai, – Mercedes-Benz Middle East and Levant has celebrated the resounding success of its latest SUV range. The event was attended by the region’s top journalists, designed to discover the versatility, capability and luxury of its impressive fleet of off-road vehicles.

The Discover 2014 event demonstrated the ability of the full Mercedes-Benz luxury SUV range and invited participants to Dubai for an immersive experience that included the legendary G-Class, versatile GLK-Class, powerful ML-Class, and the unequalled flagship 7-seater GL-Class.

Discover 2014 activities took guests into the desert where participants could test the off-road capability of the range as they tackled rolling sands, pitted the endurance of race track tarmac against the surging torque of tires in drag races, all this while enjoying the five star surrounds of one of Dubai’s most prestigious hotels.

This most comprehensive line-up of luxury SUVs also offers the widest range of performance variants, which includes the ML 63 AMG; the world’s fastest production 7-seater GL 63 AMG. It goes from 0-100km/h in just 4.9 seconds; and the 6.0 Litre V12 Biturbo G 65 AMG. Elegant and dynamic interiors, high-quality materials and great attention to detail is unforgettable and reassuring, with craftsmanship and attention to detail at their very highest to meet driver needs and expectations.

Dirk Fetzer, Director, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Middle East & Levant says “Our range of unrivalled luxury off-roaders offer a stable of powerful, attractive, capable, versatile and intelligent SUVs that appeal to the lifestyles of a new generation of regional customers: Customers who question convention and seek only the very best. With so much to experience and enjoy in the Middle East, Mercedes-Benz resolutely delivers on its promise to live the life.”

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