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My Precious Time collection from Harry Winston

connoisseur December 4, 2016 0
My Precious Time collection from Harry Winston

Time is the ultimate treasure in life and is celebrated by Harry Winston in this high jewelry masterpiece. This exquisite new timepiece with Harry Winston’s signature Art Deco styling proposes a novel way of wearing time, magically transforming itself from brooch to secret watch at the touch of a diamond.
My Precious Time by Harry Winston is a magnificent white gold diamond brooch that sparkles with the intensity of 368 white diamonds and showcases the remarkable skills of the House’s master craftsmen, gemsetters and jewelers. The centerpiece of this creation, crowned with a large cushion-cut diamond and a vibrant arrangement of different sizes and different cuts of diamonds. The idea behind the brooch was inspired by the fashion of men wearing their pocket watches in the breast pocket of their suits anchored to the lapel with the classic T-bar chain. However, as with so many of Harry Winston’s pieces there is more than meets the eye. By pressing on a marquise-cut diamond just below the large cushion-cut diamond, a trigger releases an octagonal-shaped secret watch.
In keeping with its identity as a secret watch, the caseback is camouflaged in brilliant- cut, baguette-cut and marquise-cut diamonds. Suspended on a white gold chain, a discreet gesture reveals the sophisticated face of the timepiece – which is full-set with 142 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial. The 70 baguette-cut diamonds embellishing the rounded shape of the cylinder have been set using an invisible setting. This adds a wonderful sense of volume to the piece echoed in turn by the centerpiece of the brooch which drapes itself fluidly over the curving surface. As with all Harry Winston’s creations, the attention to detail is immaculate and the sides of the brooch are set with diamonds in a delightful floral motif.

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