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NDTV Frauds exposed in a book by Sree Iyer

connoisseur April 3, 2017 0
NDTV Frauds exposed in a book by Sree Iyer


In a brilliant function organised by VHS (Virat Hindustan Sangam) Bengaluru, Dr Subramanian Swamy launched ‘NDTVFrauds’ by Sree Iyer, which exposes how NDTV created a biased discourse while breaking laws, to suit a few…

Yesterday we attended the launch of Sree Iyer’s book launch by Dr Subramanian Swamy BJP MLA and President of VHS. Also present were Professor Vaidya and Jagdish Shetty among other intellectual lumineries at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Bengaluru, which was jam packed.

For years NDTV has siphoned away public money to their personal wealth and no one has had the courage to question them as they felt rather safe under the UPA regime. While Dr Subramanian Swamy has been the only leader who has exposed so many of the UPA scams and a lot of the Indian media who are paid to lobby for their pay masters.

Social media right wingers encouraged by bold leaders like Dr Swamy and journalists like J Gopikrishnan and Madhu Kishwar, have been attacking media houses every time there was a misreporting, or stories that were cooked up to create chaos in the minds of those who only believed main stream media.

Among many facts, the book reveals how New Delhi Television (NDTV), which was once considered as one of the most prestigious media networks in India. It introduced Psephology to the eager Indian masses and used state-of-the-art tools to bring slick programming and made an instant connect with its audience. Prannoy Roy, one of the promoters was an instant hit with his earnest demeanor and sly smile. This is the story of how this dynamic young man ended up presiding over one of the most corrupt media houses in Indian history.

And how the two Promoters of NDTV, along with key top management colluded over the years with government functionaries and politicians to break laws, evade taxes and deceive shareholders of a public listed company. All this obviously through political patronage and “wheeling-and-dealing” as part of the Lutyens club and how they created a biased public discourse for a select elite class. Multinational corporations such as General Electric wittingly or otherwise aided NDTV by investing $150 million into a shell company with zero employees and zero revenue!

Iyer also explains how the minds of the Indian citizen, there is a space and respect for media. Using the halo of journalism and under the garb of Freedom of Press, media owners misuse this position and in the end, degrade the values of journalism. On several occasions media became the tool of false propaganda, blackmailing and illegal money making with the blessing of uncouth politicians and corporate icons with hidden agendas. This ought to be exposed and that is the reason for this book.

This book is a must read for every Indian who now know that a major part of Indian media is bought, which was also the reason why no TV Media or newspaper or magazine covered such an important expose.

For those of you who are interested, the eBook is available on Amazon, and can be read on any device such as a Laptop/ Desktop, iPad and SmartPhone.


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