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Omega and Nicole Kidman celebrate the De Ville Butterfly in Seoul

connoisseur October 7, 2014 0
Omega and Nicole Kidman celebrate the De Ville Butterfly in Seoul

Omega, along with its brand ambassador Nicole Kidman celebrated the De Ville Butterfly wristwatches at a high-profile event at the elaborately decorated Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul on, 2nd October, 2014. Omega president Stephen Urquhart and Swiss singer/songwriter Bastian Baker joined the Oscar- winning actress in the South Korean capital.

The DDP, which was designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, is located in the centre of Dongdaemun, a historic district of Seoul and has already established itself as one of Asia’s most prestigious cultural addresses since opening earlier this year. The cultural centre had been elaborately decorated with floral and butterfly theme, with the passage leading into the building was flanked by an incredible display of more than 21,000 white flowers, each on an individual mount and illuminated from within by a tiny light.

Omega president Stephen Urquhart welcomed invited guests and introduced Nicole Kidman, who has been an Omega brand ambassador since 2005. The actress was warmly greeted by the audience when she took to the stage and commented on the elaborate butterfly decorations in the hall.

Post dinner, master of ceremonies Mark Juh announced a surprise guest, singer/songwriter Bastian Baker who is one of Omega’s newest brand ambassadors performed an intimate concert, dedicating the final performance of the evening, “I’d Sing For You”, to Nicole Kidman.

The new Omega De Ville Prestige “Butterfly” is inspired by the beauty found in nature and is an enchanting addition to the Prestige collection. The exquisite butterfly motif on the dial is inspired by Asian popular culture, which associates the delicate being with love and longevity.

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