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Omega First Master Chronometer

connoisseur March 14, 2016 0
Omega First Master Chronometer

Keeping the Trust

Faith and accuracy are paramount in watchmaking and Omega has set a new benchmark in securing both

In watchmaking business, trust and precision come foremost and Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, Omega has gone a mile ahead among contemporaries to be more transparent with the consumer. Reconfirming that the benchmark for successful innovation is measured by the most sought-after qualities, Omega has embarked on a new era in watchmaking excellence.

In 2014, Omega and Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) had decided to collaborate on a new watch certification, whereby precision and performance would be tested and approved like never before. A year on, and the entire process is active. With a new METAS Lab housed at the heart of Omega’s operations, the Globemaster has officially become the first watch to achieve the ‘Master Chronometer’ rating.

While industry-standard COSC certification remains an integral part of Omega’s process, the new METAS testing will effectively double the certification of each watch, giving Omega and other Swiss watchmakers the opportunity to demonstrate the quality and timekeeping performance of their watches to a greater extent than has previously been possible. With 8 tests carried out over 10 days, each watch must pass a range of criteria that replicate real-life wearing conditions.

Having achieved the milestone, Omega has signalled the future of the brand. And it is indisputable proof that Omega has achieved yet another significant milestone in its already impressive journey.


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