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As times get challenging for the luxury industry around the world, the 2016 edition of Baselworld took off in full swing. With a volatile market and rise of affordable products like smart watches the traditional watch making industry really faced the brunt of the slowdown. Many of the watch brands have repositioned and lowered their prices and have received considerable amount of orders in the first few days of the fair.

Refining the art of wealth and securing it with technology, Vult, a New York based company, is transforming diamonds of opaque, uncertain value into a transparent, equitable investment opportunity. We get to meet Joseph Lipton, CEO and founder of Vult in this regard.

At Art Dubai, Piaget took the limelight with watches and jewellery with same sentiment as Beethoven composed music, Raphael painted pictures, Michelangelo carved marble, and Shakespeare wrote poetry.

Throughout the exhibit, staged in partnership with the leading art fair in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, the Maison highlighted the savoir-faire and the vision that propelled it from its humble beginnings in the Swiss Jura to becoming an unstoppable creative pioneer all over the world, including the Middle-East, a region that mirrors Piaget’s passion for the finest aesthetics and exceptional pieces.

With 2000 guests, and over one hundred thousand employees witness to its centenary celebrations, while the world watched using varied media options, BMW unveiled ‘The Next 100 Years’ vision and Gulf Connoisseur was one of the few media to be invited for this.

As the summer season sets in, Gulf Connoisseur plans to increase its digital presence from ongoing demand from its readers and is fully set to bring on interesting and riveting news from the luxury world.

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