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New Possesion jewellery collection from Piaget

connoisseur April 30, 2015 0
New Possesion jewellery collection from Piaget

In 1990, Piaget rocked jewellery codes with this ring featuring a second rotating band with which to play. 25 years later, the jeweller is expanding its iconic line in honour of the third millennium. The new Possession collection takes on the role of a particularly exclusive intimate companion is made of pink gold and set with diamonds.

The Possession ring becomes a must-have item in this ultra-connected, ultra-fast-paced contemporary world. As Chabi Nouri, Director of Jewellery Marketing Communications and Brand Equity, points out, For all contemporary women living fast-paced lives, Possession offers a chance to take a welcome break. Turning it round and round is about taking a special moment just for yourself. A time to receive renewed energy that makes your spirit soar/that propels you to fresh heights of accomplishment”.

The Possession ring illustrates Piaget’s emblematic creative daring. The subtly asymmetrical effect of the double bands redefines the roundness of the ring and enhances its aesthetic power. Experts in the art of sculpting gold, the goldsmiths of the Swiss Manufacture now craft the Possession ring in shining pink gold. Jessica Chastain, international ambassador for the Maison Piaget says “I love the Possession ring. Ever since I’ve worn rings, I’ve always been the girl who likes to turn my rings on my fingers. And how incredible that it’s actually designed to turn! It feels playful and as I wear it, I am constantly in a meditative state. I am always turning it. It is very addictive”.

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