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Rolls-Royce ‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ arrives in UAE

connoisseur June 25, 2015 0
Rolls-Royce ‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ arrives in UAE

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveils Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ and it is now available to order for Rolls-Royce customers in the United Arab Emirates for a limited time through Abu Dhabi Motors and AGMC, ahead of arriving in the country later this year.

the marque’s first showroom in Conduit Street, Mayfair was founded a short step from London’s famous centre of tailoring excellence, Savile Row.  It was here that Sir Henry Royce and his partner The Honourable Charles Rolls echoed the offerings of their illustrious neighbours by providing London’s most stylish denizens with the automotive equivalent of the finest cloths; a perfectly engineered Rolls-Royce chassis and running gear.

‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’ provides a modern take on its grand tradition. Akin to commissioning a fine suit or elegant piece of couture, the journey of creating a highly Bespoke Rolls-Royce motor car begins at the marque’s equivalent of the tailor’s atelier, the Bespoke Design Studio at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England. Here, the Designers honed the aesthetic theme of the car, drawing inspiration from colour palettes, materials and techniques used in the world of high fashion. The result is an extraordinary interpretation of Wraith’s characteristic blend of power, style and drama.

Giles Taylor, Director of Design for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars says “This iteration of Wraith provides a canvas for materials and finishes most commonly associated with the world of fashion. Inspiration was sourced from international catwalks and Bespoke Tailors, resulting in an aesthetically stunning and sartorially on-point motor car.”



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