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Ruote Borrani joins Pirelli to supply classic and vintage cars.

connoisseur October 25, 2017 0
Ruote Borrani joins Pirelli to supply classic and vintage cars.

Ruote Borrani joins Pirelli to supply classic and vintage cars.

An authentic passion, servicing all the most prestigious car brands has convinced Pirelli to search-out the leaders in the classic car collecting sector. Ruote Borrani and Pirelli have found common grounds both in the range of products intended for classic cars in general, and in the development of products specifically designed for certain brands. Porsche fits into this scenario, with a custom Pirelli catalogue, and Ruote Borrani presenting in Padova the Turbo Sprint rims for Porsche 356.

Pirelli is FIVA’s (Federazione Internazionale Veicoli Storici) official tyres partner. This worldwide organization of Classic Cars Clubs certifies the cars’ historical authenticity. FIVA’s major objective is to encourage the safe road usage of cars 30 years or more of age, benefitting both the owners and the amateurs.

With over 140 years experience, Pirelli were the first fitted tyres for many, now classic, cars. Today it is the reference tyres brand for the premium and prestige segments.

Pirelli has started a line of products specifically for classic and vintage cars, through its “Collezione” catalogue, devoted both to the historical Cinturato tyres and to tyres which equipped cars in the 1950’s. The reissue of the historical Cinturato Pirelli 175HR400 for cars such as the Ferrari 250 GT SWB, the Alfa Romeo 2600 and the Lancia Flaminia, has been well received by the collecting community, alongside the construction and reissuing of the Pirelli Stelvio for Ferrari GTO, which further demonstrates Pirelli’s capability in producing special tyres for unique cars.

For classic car customers this partnership brings an immense advantage: the possibility of ordering specific wheels and tyres together, ensuring both materials and information are correct.

Ruote Borrani and Porsche, a tradition to discover.

Ferdinand Porsche first discovered Ruote Borrani and admired their qualities in the 1930’s when the company supplied rims to the Formula 1 teams he worked with. These included Auto Union and Mercedes. The partnership with Porsche was less publicized than the one with large Italian brands, but nevertheless allowed Borrani to develop specific products for the German brand.

The first direct partnership with Porsche dates to 1947, with the 360 Cisitalia, a natural evolution of the Auto Union D type. But it wasn’t until the end of WW2, at the beginning of Porsche’s career as car manufacturer, that he decided to equip his 356 prototypes with Borrani’s wire wheels.

The model Borrani finds most interesting is still the 1953 Porsche 550 spider, presented in Paris equipped with the 16” Borrani Turbo Sprint wheels. Many of the German brand’s competition models were equipped with Borrani wheels and Mr. Porsche himself presented numerous prototypes and models of future 550 spider developments, all mounting Borrani wheels,

For purely economic reasons, the Stuttgart company also offered the cars with KPZ disc wheels, which also existed in steel on the aftermarket. These were cheaper than Borrani’s famous Record light alloy rims.

At “Auto e Moto d’Epoca 2017” Borrani showcases the front axle of a Porsche 356 with drum brakes (mounted both on the A and the B versions) transformed into type 52 1950’s original central locking, based on Borrani’s RW2927 drawing.

Specific to this transformation is the need to include new dedicated drum brakes coupled with the Turbo Sprint wheels and Rudge integrated hub (in the original version the drums are integrated into the hub).

Ruote Borrani also showcases a complete 1964 Porsche 356 C in Irish Green. The car mounts the Turbo Sprint wheels with central locking RW4067 in 5.50 x 15. Initially the wheel was offered with Turbo windows. Today it can be ordered with Porsche’s cooling windows.The wheel is available in the following sizes: 4.50”, 5.00” e 5.50”.

Cars equipped with Ruote Borrani at Padova’s “Auto e Moto d’Epoca 2017”

Outside Hall 1, Ruote Borrani showcases a 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint in a popular light blue. The car is equipped with Turbo Sprint wheels with central locking R1-546 in 4.50 x 15.

Starting in 2016 Borrani has provided Alfa Romeo Giulietta collectors the Turbo wheel with light alloy rims and central disc either in silver, red or green; fulfilling its promise of supplying once again the original spare part. The Turbo R1-257, known as “Bimetallic”, designed for the iconic Italian model, can be ordered in 5” or 5.50” rim size and in personalized colours. All the Alfa Romeo Giulia series can also be equipped with the appropriate hub cover.

The Bimetallic Borrani wheel has been mounted on both sports and one-off cars. With its mirror polished light alloy rim, adaptable to both disk and drum brakes, it will give a touch of elegance to any of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia models.

In the Touring Superleggera stand, a Mercedes 300 SL Roadster showcases the Ruote Borrani Turbo sprint R1-552 in 5.50×15, an original aftermarket option.