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Samsung’s innovative new audio technology delivers fully-balanced, omni-directional sound

connoisseur August 24, 2015 0
Samsung’s innovative new audio technology delivers fully-balanced, omni-directional sound

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the introduction of the all-new Wireless Audio – 360 to the UAE. The new audio technology utilizes Samsung’s proprietary ring radiator technology to distribute fully-balanced, omni-directional sound evenly in all directions, filling every room with rich, ambient audio.


Raj Varma, General Manager – Visual Display Group at Samsung Electronics says “ The Wireless Audio – 360 gives customers a revolutionary listening experience at home. A perfect combination of Samsung’s expertise in home entertainment, the Wireless Audio was engineered to produce balanced sound in all directions. The result is a bold, immersive listening that blends into the interiors of the home and significantly enhances the way we listen to music.”

The Wireless Audio – 360’s omni-directional output allows users to enjoy high-quality sound from anywhere in the room, regardless of where the product sits. Two types of the Wireless Audio 360 are available in the UAE. The sleek oval model will be available in two variations: the R7, which is a standing model, and the portable R6.

The oval shaped R7 is optimized to send sound in all directions, producing balanced sound from any point in the room. The R6, with its compact and light design, allows the user to enjoy non-stop music for up to six hours. The Wireless Audio – 360 features a futuristic “Object Design”, concealing the speaker unit while providing users with a greater ability to integrate the product into any modern home.

the Wireless Audio 360 features wireless connection with mobile devices via Wi-Fi, and can be controlled through Samsung’s easy-to-use  Multiroom App. The Multiroom App can control multi-room sound systems, which may include other devices connected to the same wireless network, such as a TV or Airtrack.