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Supermodel Lily Aldridge is Bulgari’s new brand ambassador

connoisseur September 17, 2016 0
Supermodel Lily Aldridge is Bulgari’s new brand ambassador

Bulgari  introduced supermodel Lily Aldridge as its new Brand Campaign Ambassador 2016/2017 at a press conference at the Bulgari 5th Avenue store. Presented to the International Press by Daniel Paltridge, President of Bulgari North America and Stéphane Gerschel, Bulgari’s International Communications Director, Ms. Aldridge was received at a special ceremony arranged during New York’s Fashion Week. Lily Aldridge embodies Bulgari’s ultimate muse, a sun-kissed Mediterranean Renaissance beauty who is able to convey the bold sensuality of the new ‘Larger than Life’ campaign. Captured by legendary photographer Mario Testino, Lily’s audacious attitude reflects the  ‘Larger than Life’ charisma of Bulgari.

Mario Testino brings his cutting-edge style to capture Lily’s potent allure. Together, Mario and Lily exemplify the distinctive character of the daring Roman jeweler, forming a Bulgari match made in aesthetic heaven.

supermodel Lily Aldridge says “Bulgari covets its status as the jeweler to the stars. I feel so privileged to represent this exquisite Maison, to be one of the sparkling stars in the Bulgari constellation. With Roman flair, Bulgari perfectly combines style, imagination and exquisite craftsmanship.”

Stéphane Gerschel says  “We are honored that Lily Aldridge agreed to be our spokesperson, she is such a versatile and multi-faceted ambassador for the brand and she incarnates to perfection the new Bulgari woman, indulgent, unapologetic, always alive but also unexpected. Bulgari is  ‘Larger than Life’. It’s in everything that we do, our DNA, our products and most importantly our attitude. It’s a way of life, bold, full of colors, molto but non troppo…”




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