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TaylorMade Unveils New R1 Driver

connoisseur January 25, 2013 0
TaylorMade Unveils New R1 Driver

Golfers will welcome TaylorMade’s new one-size-fits-all R1 driver that makes its debut in 2013. The R1 Driver has been designed to suit all types of players – from tour professionals to novice golfers.

The highlight of the R1 driver is adjustability. It can be tuned to 168 different settings based on the golfer’s convenience. Another noticeable feature of the R1 is its 12-position loft sleeve and 7-face angle positions. The loft and face angle can be adjusted independently of each other. Since the R1 driver has the facility for loft adjustment, which can be set anywhere between 8 and 12 degrees, there is no loft stamped onto the driver.

The appearance of the R1 driver is certainly trendy. The crown has a white matte finish, which helps in eliminating glare. In contrast, is the dark clubface with black, orange and grey graphics. According to TaylorMade, the several reference points on the crown make it easier for players to heighten focus and align the club.

The R1 driver comes with a standard Aldila RIP Phenom shaft – an ultra-light graphite shaft that weighs 55grams but is weighted to make the shaft feel 10grams heavier. The sound made by the R1 is also slightly louder than the previous TaylorMade drivers.

The idea of a single driver head with numerous lofts was conceived after researching the games of 800 everyday golfers. Results suggested that 80 percent of the players were playing the wrong loft and 24 percent had incorrect loft by at least 2 degrees. These studies also highlighted the fact that 52 percent of the golfers in the study group needed more loft while 28 percent required less.

The TaylorMade R1 Driver, priced at USD 399, will be available in retail stores from February 1, 2013, onwards.