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The latest gem from Carl F. Bucherer – Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie

connoisseur May 14, 2014 0
The latest gem from Carl F. Bucherer – Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie

The newest offering from the House of Carl F. Bucherer, the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie is a blend of unique design and superior quality materials. A must-have for creating  a precious jeweled  watch  that  exudes sheer brilliance is Genuine craftsmanship and expertise and for almost a hundred years the Lucerne company has nurtured the crafts of watchmaking and jewelry. This tradition is reflected  in glamorous  and  stunning fashion in the Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie.

The Pathos Diva Haute Joaillerie is set with countless baguette- and brilliant-cut diamonds and housed in a case of pure white gold. Gemstones are embellished in the dial in a flowing hourglass shape. The aureole, a daintily sculpted halo that gives the watch an incomparable sense of lightness, is encircled by the sparkling brilliance of the diamonds. The stones are meticulously hand-set, creating an entrancing overall image whose glittering splendour is reminiscent of the night   sky.  The end result is an inspired creation that will captivate the imagination for generations to come.

The  name  Carl  F.  Bucherer   has  been synonymous   with quality, innovation, and passion since 1888. Founded in Lucerne, this modest Swiss family business has grown  into the internationally renowned Bucherer brand with  its own worldwide  chain of stores. The Bucherer Group remains family-run  today  and  is  currently  in its  third  generation, managed by the owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Jörg G. Bucherer. In homage to founder Carl Friedrich  Bucherer, the  manufacturing  brand of  the  same name was  repositioned  in 2001. Watches  and  their movements   are   developed   and   manufactured    in  the company’s  own  workshops in Switzerland.

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