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The new BMW 7 Series Flagship

connoisseur January 4, 2016 0
The new BMW 7 Series Flagship

The new BMW sixth-generation model has excellent dynamics and the most advanced technological wares. The saloon is the world’s first series-production car to utilize carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) in its body construction which makes the newcomer a considerable 130kg lighter than its predecessor – 40kg of which is from the structure alone. he rest of the weight saved comes from lighter brakes, lighter wheels and lighter suspension, reducing unsprung mass by up to 15 percent.

Another world’s first is Remote Control Parking. Unlike regular park assist systems, the 7 Series can be controlled via an optional display key (that looks like a mini smartphone), allowing you to manoeuvre the massive saloon into a carpark lot without being behind the wheel.

The 7 Series offers a wonderfully cushioned ride but the sheer comfort, however, does not come at the expense of handling. The 730d variant handles like a BMW should, displaying agility and composure. Inside the cabin, the layout is clearly modern BMW. The main difference is that the quality and technology in here are unlike in any other model before.

The iDrive system has gained a touch display where you can select functions on the screen directly, or pinch and pull, to enlarge map views instead of manipulating the iDrive knob. The centre console switches are either furnished in aluminium or have gone touchscreen as well, while the head-up display is 75 percent larger than before. Helping to set the perfect mood are 15,000 interior lights, including ambient lighting from the B-pillars and a “starry night” impression from the panoramic sunroof, the latter inspired by Rolls-Royce’s Starlight headliner.


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