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The rise and rise of Indian wines

connoisseur July 5, 2018 Comments Off on The rise and rise of Indian wines
The rise and rise of Indian wines


Photography: Jaidev Narayan

By Jaidev Narayan

Beautifully poised across Nandi hills in South-Western Region of Karnataka, India, SDU winery claims to be India’s first new age boutique winery. Limited in production, SDUwinery is looking to establish itself as easy-drinking reputed wines with very accessible price points to cater to the Indian market. The new brand is driven by the dynamic Shaambhavi Hingorani, daughter of SM Krishna, former Foreign Minister of India and Chief Minister of Karnataka State . Within a short span of time after its foundation in 2003, they have sent ripples across the Indian wine industry.

Karishma Thakur of SDU Winery

Having 2 vineyards under their wing namely TG Halli and ID Halli, they have produced several distinct red and white wines in their portfolio. Karnataka provides year round good climate for the growth of Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in their Vineyards. Hand harvested with limestone rich soil, the incredibly concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon is bottled under their ‘Deva’ collection which is easy going red wine and has a lasting aromatic and fruity notes to it.

Ned Narayan of Gulf Connoisseur

Gulf Connoisseur was invited recently for a wine tasting session with SDU winery at the #Shangri-La hotel, Bengaluru guided by their in house Italian consultant winemaker, Andrea Valentinuzzi. We had a taste of their Reserva collection. While the Reserva Chardonnay(white wine) is very light, tangy and fruity on the tongue the SDU winemaker selection(red wine) is a bit heavy and spicy for our taste but a lot of fellow wine aficionados seem to take a liking for it. With state-of the art lab and wine making and tasting facilities and stringent quality control, the winery is said to mature a select portion of its wines in French oak casks for a minimum of 6 months to produce its ‘Reserva’ wines.

Jaidev Narayan of Gulf Connoisseur

SDU winery is all set to bolster wine tourism in the region of Karnataka and their Reserva red wine collection has been said to form the majority of their sales as the wine’s spicy flavour is said to perfectly match when coupled with Indian dishes.

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