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The Wealth Vault

connoisseur April 6, 2016 0
The Wealth Vault

Refining the art of wealth and securing it with technology, Vult, a New York based company, is transforming diamonds of opaque, uncertain value into a transparent, equitable investment opportunity.

“With the blessing of wealth we can chart new oceans and experience dreams. The art of wealth empowers us to move beyond those dreams and experiences to places we can barely imagine,” says Joseph Lipton, CEO and Founder of Vult. And he surely has mastered a rarity in art with diamonds.

His concept, ably supported by high end technology, for the first time in history, allows diamonds to be used as a modern, liquid and portable asset. Designed for equitably buying and selling diamonds, gifting diamonds as well as preserving and securing wealth, Vult combines three vital investment qualities: the simplicity and portability of the most concentrated form of wealth, the latest security technology and the most stylish way of showing off your diamonds. And as Mo EL-Arishy, Joseph’s director for business development says, “Our beliefs for investments are challenged by new innovations such as the Vult.”

With innovation driven by cutting-edge technology, Vult allows private investors to buy and sell diamonds globally on an efficient and transparent 24/7 digital exchange. The patented hardware and software platform allows diamonds to be instantly authenticated and securely traded. “Each Vult unit contains highest quality Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded and certified diamonds. Diamonds are D-F in color, with clarity grades of IF to VS1 and cuts ranging from Excellent to Very Good,” explains Joseph.

Vult is made of sintered zirconia, with a single crystal sapphire cover. Extraordinary attention has been focused on security. Each diamond is laser-engraved with a unique GIA certification number. Each unit has a unique engraved serial number.

The patented multi-factor authentication process includes an optical signature and encrypted fingerprint. It has been specifically designed to prevent the diamonds from being altered or substituted. All security has been rigorously tested and independently verified by some of the security industry’s leading experts.

“Diamonds were first a status symbol, worn only by royalty and nobility. But thanks to the jewellery industry, diamonds quickly became proof of a person’s commitment to another human being or the depth of their love and appreciation. Diamonds are used to broker a life-long commitment; also known as the engagement ring, to celebrate the anniversary of that commitment and to celebrate a major life achievement. But due to their rarity, beauty and uniqueness, diamonds have another great characteristic that is frequently overlooked by many investors — they remain a fabulous store of wealth,” says Joseph.

According to him, loose diamonds have been an investment alternative of choice for centuries. “Transportability of wealth and value density is obviously the reason for this. For example, $100,000 of gold is 92.5 ounces, which is 5.8 pounds at today’s prices. Five pounds of diamonds would be worth more than $63 million. As the global economy grows more uncertain in the face of higher interest rates and rising geopolitical tensions, it is important that you diversify your assets beyond just stocks and bonds. Diamonds represent a collectible that is not only an excellent store of wealth but are easily transportable,” he says.

The uniqueness of each diamond and its rarity have made it a repository of value. But diamonds are incredibly hard to find and bring out of the earth. More than 250 tons of ore must be mined in order to produce one carat of gem-quality stone. Of the diamonds pulled out of the earth, less than 2 per cent are considered ‘investment diamonds’. “In fact, the precious gem is facing a supply-demand issue that will make owners of diamonds very happy. Diamond supplies are in decline, with rough diamond production estimated to fall by more than 50% by 2030 from current levels. A December 2015 report from Bain & Company forecasts global supply of rough diamonds to decline on average of 1 to 2 per cent per year from 2015 to 2030 due to the aging and depletion of existing mines, while relatively little new naturally-mined supply will be coming online soon,” Joseph notes.

Thus Vult comes as a game changer. Through technology, Vult has transformed diamonds (of opaque, uncertain value) into a transparent, equitable investment opportunity. But it offers far more than just a diamonds. It is a groundbreaking technologically-advanced system that includes a case no bigger than the palm of your hand, six proprietary layers of security and three modes of authentication that assure the integrity of the diamonds and protect your investment.For owners who take possession, the Vult app authenticates both the case and the individual diamonds within. Any unit registered online is part of the system. Vult has been introduced in four dominations:White at $25,000, Blue at $50,000, Black at $100,000 and Gold at $250,000. After the initial launch of each denomination, prices may vary, based on the underlying value of the diamonds in the wholesale market and the supply and demand of the consumer for a particular denomination globally.

Joseph adds that in these uncertain times, when you are looking for avenues to diversify your assets out of the typical stocks, bonds or even real estate, collectibles are a tangible, uncorrelated asset class that offer growth as well as asset protection. “What’s more, of the various collectibles, diamonds are easily portable — more so than an art collection or even gold bullion. Historically, diamonds have been traded privately through dealers using private negotiations, similar to how the U.S. bond market traded until recently. The lack of a central exchange and price disclosure left investors in the dark and exposed to unwarranted bid/offer spreads. Vult addresses all of these issues, although it will take time for trading volumes to build to institutional levels,” he states.

Speaking about the immediate action for the year, Joseph says that in late 2016, Vult will offer owners storage within a global custody system, using vaulting facilities in eight major cities around the world, provided by partner, Malca-Amit. “The cities will be Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto and Zurich,” Joseph specifies.

On their focus in Middle-East, Mo EL-Arishy points out that the Vult is a form of wealth that is valued like a collectors watch, and clients in the Middle East will appreciate that diamonds are the most concentrated way to store your wealth in the palm of your hand. “We are looking forward to developing the business in the Middle East, and we believe the region will be one of our strongest markets,” EL-Arishy states.  

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