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Zenith Watches exquisitely launches newest boutique in Doha

connoisseur May 16, 2012 0
Zenith Watches exquisitely launches newest boutique in Doha

Renowned Swiss watch manufacture, Zenith watches, recently hosted an elite opening of their newest boutique in Doha on the 17th of April. In the esteemed presence of the CEO of Zenith, Mr. Jean-Frederic Dufour, the Chairman and CEO of Blue Salon, the group credited with bringing numerous luxury brands to Qatar, Mr. Ashraf Abdel Rahim Abu Issa, and the Vice Chairman and President of the group Mr. Nabil A.R. Abu Issa, the boutique opened its doors at Doha’s newest luxury destination, the Gate Mall.

More than just a boutique opening, the event was an experience in itself as guests were invited to immerse into the wonderful Zenith universe, with the ambiance of the boutique emanating the brand’s elegance. Zenith has been synonymous with exactitude and craftsmanship and their exclusive watch designs on display always echo these values. The latest to follow the new design concept of Zenith’s boutiques, seen only in Geneva and Hong Kong thus far, the Doha boutique is truly work of art worth visiting. Speaking out on the splendid occasion, Mr. Dufour said “The opening of this boutique is a proud moment for all of us present here and we would like to thank Blue Salon for their constant support and companionship in the development of Zenith in Qatar. We hope to continue to build on our commitment to watchmaking and our loyal connoisseurs and strengthen our brand’s rich legacy.”

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