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Jasmine Jewels

gulfconnoisseur May 4, 2015 0
Jasmine Jewels

The Falling Jasmine jewellery collection, representing the entry of Carolina Herrera Fragrances into the world of jewellery, is the result of the collaboration of the brand’s Creative Director, Carolina Herrera de Baez, with Argentine artist Grillo Demo

Jasmine is the first olfactory memory that Carolina Herrera de Baez has of her mother’s favourite flower and essence and it is in tribute to her that she and her friend, the renowned Argentine artist, Grillo Demo, collaborated to bring out a unique limited edition jewellery collection – Falling Jasmine – seeking inspiration from the beauty, delicacy and sensuality of the jasmine blossoms.

Carolina Herrera de Baez, who is the Creative Director – Carolina Herrera Fragrances, says, “The fragrance of jasmine has always seduced me and often takes me back to my childhood in Argentina and the memories of my mother, Carolina Herrera, blending the essential oils of jasmine and tuberose to create her own perfumes. After she introduced me to that smell, I always have had that flower at home and I plant jasmine wherever I live.”

The very first perfumes created by the founder of the brand incorporated jasmine and, when the daughter, Carolina, started working on perfumes around 18 years back, the first perfume she made was ‘212,’ which, quite naturally, had jasmine in it.

Since ancient times, jasmine has been grown not only for the beauty of its white, small, star-shaped flowers, but also for its intense fragrance. Originating from the mountains of the Himalayas and the Gangetic Plain – references to jasmine flowers can be found in ancient Indian, Chinese, Persian and Egyptian texts. It was a flower revered by royalty in China, sold along the Silk Road and introduced to Spain by the Arabs.

While the flowers have universally been recognised for evoking ideas of beauty, love, spirituality, immortality, fertility, fleeting nature and sensuality, it is jasmine’s powerful fragrance which evokes exotic oriental nights and has made the flower into a singular source of legends, symbolic references and mythical powers.

According to Islamic belief, jasmine symbolises divine love and paradise is perfumed with its fragrance. In ancient Persia jasmine was a sacred flower and has been used for ages in India as a symbol of hope in religious ceremonies. However, in Spanish traditions and customs, the flower holds a festive and romantic meaning and is linked to sensuality, love and desire.

The union and the raison d’être behind the collaboration between her and her artist friend is the passion they both feel for jasmine. Grillo is known for his unique portraits that feature the white flowers, while Carolina uses it as an essential ingredient in all the fragrances of the CH universe, “The Falling Jasmine jewellery collection is a tribute to those memories and our homage to my mother. I share the same passion for jasmine as Grillo, an artist with an intense and exquisite sensitivity, whose work centres around this delicate flower.”

The collection takes its name from Grillo’s artwork under the title of ‘Falling Jasmine.’ Supposedly his house in Ibiza is surrounded by jasmine plants and he often bases his work on that same subject. It was thus that Carolina suggested to him that he should work with her on the design of a jasmine-themed jewellery collection for the brand, based on his ‘Falling Jasmine’ paintings.

In the gifted hands of Carolina and Grillo the Falling Jasmine jewellery collection becomes a work of art, symbolising beauty and femininity. The versatile collection is composed of ten covetable pieces, made of gold-plated silver and enamelled in white: five different earrings, a bracelet, a tiara, a ring, a chain necklace and a choker.

Some of the pieces can serve equally charmingly as brooches or lapel-pins. Each piece can be worn separately or, better still, they can all be mixed and matched with each other to create unique personalised combinations.

Carolina says, “In designing this collection, I was inspired by the shape and fragility of the jasmine flower and its feminine symbolism, with which I personally identify. Falling Jasmine represents a woman, who, just like this flower, exudes beauty – one who is naturally elegant and delicate, but, at the same time, powerful and sensual.”

She herself is a big fan of the collection, “I myself wear it differently each time. I wear it to formal events; but, then, I also wear it during the day or when I am at work or travelling. You can even mix it with your best diamonds. It depends on how you mix and match the pieces, which is the whole point – you can wear it as you please. It is designed as a collection, in which everything can worn separately.”

The limited edition Falling Jasmine collection – an ode to jasmine and the brand’s homage to their founder, Carolina Herrera – represents CH Carolina Herrera’s enticing entry into the exclusive world of High Jewellery.

Not surprisingly, it was Doha that was chosen for the launch of the jewellery collection, because the House recognises the importance of the Middle Eastern market, which has several CH Carolina Herrera outlets and very strong buyers of the brand.

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