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‘The Saviour’ directed by Soorya Krishnamoorthy, received well in Bengaluru

connoisseur December 17, 2017 0
‘The Saviour’ directed by Soorya Krishnamoorthy, received well in Bengaluru

Yesterday we witnessed ‘My Saviour’, the story of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, at the invitation of the director Soorya Krishnamurthy and Regi, in Bangalore. A magnum opus-India’s largest Bible stage to date, with around 200 artistes, trained sheep and camels doing their roles on the premises of Salvation Army School.

The opening scene was stunning with beautiful settings, brilliant music and cutting edge technology. A brilliant collage of Vedic concepts, Biblical myths, costumes and smooth transitions followed. Surya Krishnamoorthy’s impeccable taste has shown that even a large scale story like that of Jesus Christ can be made simple and smooth.

The artistes’ enthusiasm and involvement was evident in their spotless performances and dance. The nonstop, two-hour mega show is a grand spectacle in which Christian perception is given an Indian dimension with Malayalam songs and dialogue.

The stage dramatizes the biblical stories: the important events in the life of Jesus. And on the screen we watch clippings from films like the Bible, Benhur, 10 Commandments which gives an authentic backdrop of geographic and historical realities to the events on stage as in the birth of Jesus, the kings from the East following a star, seeking refuge in Rome, the boy Jesus declaring his mission, John the Baptist, baptizing Jesus and then the long journey of him becoming Christ.

Surya Krishnamoorthy has always organized events and festivals with great élan; this is one more feather in his cap (he literally wears one). With ample support from enterprising individuals from Middle East and India this one-crore project is a huge success. He says, “More than hundred artists, all non-Christians, recreated the life and time of Jesus Christ, with passionate involvement. Art is an integrating force; art is both for art’s sake and life’s sake is the message of My Savior.”
By Meena Das Narayan

Photos: Jaidev Narayan

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