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Volkswagen Middle East announces arrival of the new Touareg

connoisseur December 22, 2014 0
Volkswagen Middle East announces arrival of the new Touareg

The new Touareg from Volkswagen is expected to arrive in the Middle East in December 2014. The new Touareg, has been redesigned to offer customers new front and rear designs, new technical features and a wide range of colours and interiors. It is one of the world‘s most successful premium-class SUVs with Volkswagen selling around 720,000 units of the high-class sport utility vehicle out of which, last year alone over 70,000 drivers chose a new Touareg.

The 2015 generation can be identified by the new front and rear designs and by its new colours. In terms of technology, all V6 and V8 models now come equipped with an automatic post-collision braking system (helps prevent a secondary collision in case of an accident), bi-xenon headlights and a coasting function.

Thomas Milz, Managing Director of Volkswagen Middle East says “The new Touareg enjoys a refreshed exterior in addition to exciting new technical additions such as the Start-Stop 1.6 with neutral when rolling. A leader in the premium SUV sector, the latest Touareg offers its audience an economical drive experience, whether on or off-road. Thanks to a stylish design and smart technology, the Touareg is a luxurious crossover SUV without compromise, as comfortable off-road as it is on the region’s highways. As a result the Touareg has enjoyed continued success in our market and we anticipate its popularity will continue with the arrival of the new model this December.”

The new Touareg will initially be available in the Middle East with both V6 and V8 FSI, a direct-injection petrol engines.

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